Hannah Witton

Hufflepuff youtuber Hannah Witton makes awesome weekly content where she talks about all kinds of stuff from sex education to personal vlogs. Although the shape of her face seems a bit weird in the drawing I went on to finish it.

The background should represent the Hufflepuff common room. We would be sure to find Hannah there if this room really existed, teaching all of Hogwarts sex education! Drawing backgrounds is not one of my fortes and therefore took a long time to draw. Way more then I hoped.

I do like how her hair turned out in the picture, the darker streaks of hair realy stand out against the rest of the piece. Her visible earring I hoped to give a space vibe like she wears in real life. Overall I liked the piece enough to upload it and not let it be lost to the void!

I hope you guys (and Hannah) like it as much as I do.