First drawing of 2017, time to make it count. Spend a good portion of the week working on the drawing (mostly at night), throwing my sleeping schedule off so hard that I have fallen asleep while watching series and been sitting in my bed wide awake waiting for it to be a reasonable time to get out again. The line-art of the drawing was made in Manga Studio 5.0 and the rest in Photoshop CS3.

From the start of the series it was clear that Hinata cares deep for Naruto. Not only does she admire him for his actions and everything he went through, she cares about Naruto for who he is.

Hinata starts out as a timid girl who quickly after she met Naruto began to admire him from afar. Naruto teaches Hinata that you need to stand up for people you love. Hinata does this -in a very memorable scene- by standing up against Pain even though she is no match against him.