Luna Lovegood

Everyone agrees that Luna Lovegood is an interesting girl that is loved by lots of fans. Everything she does (like reading magazines upside down) she does in her own quirky way. She might be the only character in Harry Potter that truly does not give a damn what other think of her. (Although I do think she beliefs a bit more then she should.)

I hear a lot of people say that she falls in the same boat as Hermione for being a character that according to them should have been sorted in another house. But, I don't agree with that entirely. Hermione has a lot of chracter traits of ravenclaw, sure, she likes to know the awnser, and always wants to know everything. But I don't see the same thing with Luna and Hufflepuff. The main characteristics of Hufflepuff are discribed as "values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play". Luna doesn't specifically resonates with any of them, I'm not saying that she is not hard working, patient or loyal. I'm just saying that she's not especially so.

Griffindor though, is known for having people that are (among other things) daring and brave. I would consider Luna brave for sure. She acted pretty tough for being a prisoner in Malfoy Manor and a fighter in Dumbledore's Army.

Furthermore, I why she was sorted in ravenclaw for sure, that's the easiest to argue. Ravenclaw's personality traits are (again, among other things) intelligence, Creativity and individuality. Luna beliefs in plenty of stuff her dad wrote. Most of the stuff he wrote for the magazine "The Quibbler" is labled alternative at best. But, that might be just her believing in her dad. Later in her life she went on to study magical creatures so she does chase knowledge for sure right. Also, I think her creativity can't really be argued against. She made a damn lions head hat that roars! And individuality, well that's her whole character. Like I said before: she might be the only character that truly does not give a damn what other think of her.