Here we go again; I draw a half naked character and tell you why I love that certain character just to get told that its not possible for me to talk seriously about a character while drawing said character half naked, but here we go anyway. So, Misha from Katawa Shoujo; I like her.

From all the girls in this dating simulator that will leave you crying Shiina Mikado (commonly referred to as Misha) is the odd one out. Not only because she's the only one without (an obviously visible) disability but also because she is the only one that does not have her own 'route'.

While not having her own route she is the girl that always there when you play the game, she is in every route. For example in Emi's route Misha is there to offer advice to Hisao. After Emi's and Hisao's agreement to not see each other that often to 'focus on exams', Misha is the one that shows Hisao that he needs to apologize to Emi. Even in Lilly's route she's there, and she is actually not ignoring Hisao like Lilly does in Shizune's route while Shizune and Lilly are practically 'enemies'.

The worst thing about it all is that in the route we spend the most time with her we hurt her the most. We steal her need as an interpreter for Shizune. We steal her chance for happiness with Shizune and we drive her to the edge of suicide. Ow, and the 'Comfort Misha' option would work better if Hisao wasn't so inconsiderate.

(Although, she also had enough going on without the player in the mix.)