Msyu from [C] - The Money of Soul and Possibility Control.

This drawing started as just a random doodle of the skirt. As I was drawing the skirt I instantly thought about how cute this would look on Msyu, and also totally her style! So then I had decided to draw Msyu.

Never before did I draw anime hair in this fashion. Mysu's bangs are traditionally very short and cut strait, I figured to shake it up a bit by having her hair less strait but more wild instead. I tried to add more layers color in the hair then I traditionally do and I think it turned out nice. For the white strokes I used an white paint-brush that had an low opacity, that way I could very precisely indicate the direction the hair is flowing.

This drawing took me allot of hours to complete - I think about 20 give and take - , as I did allot of parts multiple times over, especially the skin color/tone. I had a problem finding the right skin tone, as Msuy's skintone is very light. Also I didn't want to 'overdo' the shadows and such.

I hope you guys think the drawing is awesome/cute~ ^.^