Drawing from an anime I watched recently; Fate/Zero. I still need to watch Fate/Stay Night, I know its older!

Again just like the last couple of drawings I tried to draw with little to no line art. First I looked at alot of original artwork from the anime and decided here pose, I went with an very standard looking away pose. I made an rough skeletal sketch of her pose first. And after that I started drawing the individual plates of her plate armor. After placing all the plates the way I wanted them I fixed the shapes to look good and polished then shaded them with solely with layer styles. This way I could make the reflections very crisp without having to spend to much time on it.

After that I drew the shapes of both her shoulders and arms and shaded those. The shadow on both her shoulders and arms I did by making shapes and placing them on top of the shoulders and arms themselves. Also I drew some highlighted areas where the light hit. After that some layer styles to make the colours look nice finished.

Next I did her hair and face. While her face and neck are just two shapes, Her hair was not. Her hair was done the more traditional way for me; I first make lineart, fill it in and go from there.
The lineart was done in vectors using Paint Tool Sai, this allowed me to make the lineart look way more precise just like the shapes of her body.
After filling in the lines of her hair I made an copy of the layer, and removed certain parts of that layer. This is done to make the shading and layering in her hair look nice.

Her face consists of some lines and more shapes for her eyes. First I doodled some lines to figure out where her facial features are supposed to go. After that It was just drawing the shapes of her eyes, mouth and lashes also a couple of lines for both her eyebrows.
Then It was time to fill the now empty shapes of her eyes, this is done with using the shapes using the ellipse tool. Shadow and highlighting was added after by using layer styles again.

After that I just had to add the differed details on her armor plating and shoulders. This was done with some easy lines and layer styles, and then blending the layers in with the rest of her armor.

I hope you guys like the drawing as much as I did making it. Also I hope that Fate/Stay Night is as entertaining as Fate/Zero!