Sheena Fujibayashi

Sheena Fujibayashi from Tales of Symphonia. This drawing was made by request of @Pyre_Drakus for winning my 100 follower giveaway. The whole drawing took me around 2 months to make working on it on and off.

@Pyre_drakus asked for a seductive pose for the drawing. He also asked me to go as "mature" as I wanted to go with the drawing. Because of that request this drawing might be the most sexual content on my website at this moment. To also be able to share this to less NSFW pages I opted to do two different versions of the drawing. One being a NSFW version and the other being borderline Ecchi.

During this drawing I uploaded work-in-process images on my twitter and I'm planning to do that with future drawing too.

The photoshop file of this drawing was the biggest Photoshop file I ever worked with. The file was about 3.25GB at the end and even forced me to use a differed method of saving the file. This made drawing this drawing a slow experience where saving and loading the file could take up to 15 minutes.