Galvadon - Create your own beast

The legendary quest reward for paladins (in the new Hearthstone set Journey to Un’Goro) got leaked some days ago on a Japanese stream. Literally translated the card effect reads: "Battlecry: Adapt 5 times," starting as a 5 mana 5/5.

The Adapt mechanic revolves around being given a choice to upgrade your minion when you play it. You get to discover an additional ability or stat increase from a pool of 10 different powers. We have seen how this works from multiple demonstration videos and card reveal streams. What we did not get to see though, is what happens when you get to Adapt more then once on a minion -think this card Galvadon or using Brann-.

Based on how cards worked in the past I made some assumptions on how this card is going to work. If it all works like I think it does Galvadon looks to be pretty insane.To show how insane I made a little tool that allows you to simulate the comming in play of Galvadon and allow you to create him like you would if you played him in the game. Just select the evolutions you want!

Edit 4/1/2017: Added a button to be able to adapt as much as you want on a single Galvadon.

All images belong to blizzard entertainment.
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