Purple Bleeps 4; the search for more Sweeps

HTML5, Javascript (Jquery) and css powered RTS

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In the future I would love to be a game designer, its the 2000's version of wanting to be in a band. But I really want to. I'm working on creating stuff all the time. Most of the things I create don't end up on the site, instead they are lost on my hard drive never finished or they are so small I don't even think they are worth releasing. The slightly bigger projects are usually for external clients and I can't give out or show in any way.

Making a proper game takes the combined effort of people with multiple skill sets coming together, working as a team to make one big planned out project that can be potentially years in the making. This "game" has none of that. Its just me, working for 2 weeks on a bit of javascript to try to draw pixels on the screen on the place I want them to be.

In the end I have a mess of a game that I call "Purple Bleeps 4; the search for more Sweeps". A buggy mess of a CPU hogging, pathfinding-hell, exploitable piece of javascript that I hope shows enough potential to give me a passing grade. Where most of the design choices where not made by me at the start. But instead where made by time constraints and eh... time contains. (Also; making the map and the pixel-art buildings / units took a bit more time then I hoped.)

Tons of things are done for the sake of making it work right now. No future plans no expansion ideas. There needs to be Units, Structures, Projectiles, Doodads, and a Backdrop to put them on. And they all need to work together on a web-browser! If I had more time to think about what I was doing I would probably build the whole thing a differed way. But learning while at the same time creating the project was always my preferred way of doing stuff like this anyway! So in the and I have a small fun game that I can use as a stepping stone to the next game! I'm already working on a different interpretation of the engine for future use.

Small side note; mobile version is right now not playable due to the lack of a keyboard to move the map! (Got that solved in the new engine version!)